Casey Dellacqua

Ute Beauty

A chat with Aussie tennis player Dellacqua – about her car. Funny how magazines work, sometimes. It does at least illustrate the weird passion Australians have for Ford and GM cars, both American marques. This was for Alpha, in about 2008. Photographer was Perth’s finest, Frances Andrijich. Awesome.


What are you driving?

When I arrived back in Perth after  being away my manager was talking with City Motors Holden near Perth – and every time I come back they’re going to give me a car to drive around. So I’ve been driving around this V8 SS V Ute. It’s a nice car – it was brand new when I picked it up, so I’ve been hooning around Perth in it for the couple of weeks I’ve been home.

During the Australian Open you kept going on about Monaros…

Yeah, but they stopped making them a couple of years ago. But even an old one – a 30-year-old Monaro is a good car.

You know cars a bit, don’t you? Isn’t your dad a mechanic?

Yeah, my dad owns his own business, his own workshop in WA. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been interested in cars, and Dad used to take me out to the V8s.

Who’s your favourite V8 driver?

I love Skaifey and the Holden Racing Team – they’ve always been my team. And now Garth Tander’s driving for them this year, so it’ll be good.

Do you get to do any driving when you’re away?

We just get driven. That’s one thing I really miss – being independent and having my own car. I love driving, and now I’ve come home it’s nice to drive a new car around. I haven’t driven a ute before.

What’s it like?

A really nice car. I’ve had more stares than I’ve ever had in my life. People look in and go, “Oh, my God, it’s a girl driving!” It’s really powerful – especially compared to my ’91 Commodore.

You normally drive a ’91 Commodore?

Yeah, I got it when I first got my licence.

Wow, you’ve still got your first car…

Yup. I think it’s all sentimental now – I love that car and I’d always wanted to drive a Commodore. I think I paid $3000 for it. It wouldn’t be worth much now.

What are the differences you notice stepping up to the Ute?

The airconditioner works! It has a CD player, the whole interior is new… But obviously the power with the V8 engine. It’s completely different to anything I’ve driven before.

What are you using it for?

It’s actually coming in handy. Since I’ve been home I’ve had to go to Bunnings and collect some mulch and I was able to throw that in the back of the ute.

The glamorous life of a sports star.

Exactly – we had to mulch the garden.

What’s your dream car?

Any Holden car, like a GTS, a VE Commodore, something like that. Whatever the newest car is out, I’d want it for sure.

You’ll stay Holden, no matter what?

I’m a very big fan. I’d never drive a Ford.

What about a Ferrari?

Nah – if I had all the money in the world I’d always drive a Holden.

You sure you don’t secretly work for them?

No! I’ve just got such a passion for their cars.