These are the pieces I’ve most enjoyed writing (or at any rate, reading back years later), or did the job best for a specific readership at the time. It’s currently a sample, not definitive, so other stories are available… 


Danny Green

Two boxers hit one small town. One of those occasions where the story and the characters were very strong, and I tried hard to live up to it.



The National Festival of Beers

Where I turned the instruction “go and do a beer festival” into an alcoholic quest that stands up surprisingly well, unlike the author.



Weekend Away

A short piece for a women’s magazine about a weekend, you know, away.



Nudist Resort

A weekend where I laughed practically non-stop. I hope at least 1/50th of that transfers into the piece.



100 Greatest Sports Stars Ever

A ridiculous concept, but great fun to compile and write.



Cape Town

Published in the supplement of a national newspaper, it showed I could write more serious pieces without sounding too pompous.
I hope.


Vic Darchinyan

A standard one-to-one sports interview, which I worked at to make as interesting as possible.



Fishing in the Northern Territory

A piece about fishing, in which I don’t catch any fish. Turned out all right.



Azumah Nelson

A short, inconsequential little piece about an old boxer, but it just seems to work nicely.